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The first step in creating a great online presence to attract clients is your website. Your website should appear professional, easy to navigate, address the concerns of a potential client, and ultimately have a strong call to action to turn that website visitor into a client. Besides just attracting clients, you want to stand out among the competition.

Doing the same thing as most other lawyers (think Yellowpages) will lead to average results. Demonstrating that you are an expert in your practice area or location will lead to exceptional results.

Our custom websites are designed to maximize conversion

A Conversion rate means how many visitor's will call you after visiting your website. It is often a small number, but 5% is very good. 

We accomplish high conversion rates by having professional looking websites, that are easy to nagivate, having content that is related to what a typical potential client is looking for, while having a strong call to action. Our system is set-up to allow you to track how many people visit your website (as well as obtaining much more information, such as where they are located, what pages they visited, and what keywords they entered to find your website)

Video - One of the things you can do to have your website stand out amongst the competition is to have impressive videos. When a client discovers your website, this is more than likely their first time learning about you. First impressions are important. Let them get to know you best by offering an introduction video about you and your law firm.

Easily Updatable Websites - Our websites use the most current technology to work in a way that is easy and efficient for you to use. With our content management system, you can easily make changes to the content on your website.

Blogs - Having a blog is an important feature on your website. It can help a potential client see you are keeping up to date on important legal issues. By adding content regularly, your website will rank higher. Google has recently made some updates to look at the freshness of your website (how often it is updated).

Mobile Website Friendly - Our websites use the newest technology to give mobile users the best experience. Our websites are "responsive", which means the layout changes depending on the display of the visitor. If you want to see how this works, just simply change the size of your browser.

 Adwords / Pay Per Click - If you are looking for immediate traffic to your website, you want to use Google Adwords. Adwords, are the paid advertisements that appear at the top of Google searches. We can help you set-up a cost effective campaign.

Content Writing - To get your website to rank well, you need good quality content. The more quality content you have on your website, the better it will rank. We understand many attorneys are too busy to write their own content, or do not really understand how to write articles that are optimized for search engines, and to convert visitors to clients. We offer various packages to write articles for you on a regular basis. (Google also likes "freshness", meaning adding new content regularly).

Link Building /SEO / SEM - Do you want your website to rank #1?

We have numerous websites ranking #1 for their important keywords. For search engine optimization/ Search Engine Marketing, our link building packages include article writing & submissions, directory submissions, press releases, social media posting/bookmarking, and blog postings. 

Branding / Logo Design - We offer logo design services.

Video - Video is a great way to draw the users attention and get them to contact you. We offer both video production services and video editing services to meet your needs. For our production services, we can go to you, or you can come to our studio. 


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