Customized to your needs - We offer many features to give you a professional website with a high conversion rate (percent of clients who contact you based upon visiting your website). You do not need to pick all of the features, as our website will be custom designed to meet your goals and needs. We will work with you during the set-up phase to make the revisions you want to give you a website you are proud of.

Professional Videos - Can be customized to either automatically start when the page is loaded, or to display an image and not start until the user clicks the play button.

Easy to Update - Our websites are all Joomla based, which is a content management system. By using Joomla, we set-up the website in a way that is easy for you to make changes yourself. No more waiting for a webmaster to add things. If you can use Microsoft word or write emails, you will be able to use our simple system to make changes to your website.

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Blog - You have access to create and add blog articles. No need to wait for your webmaster to add articles.

Carousel - Group of images with a nice looking overlap. It is displayed on the homepage of this website, and also at the bottom of this page.

SEO - We do all of the onsite Search engine Optimization to rank your site highly in Google and the other search engines. This includes having proper keywords, tags, titles, and url links.

Slide Show (Can have images with text and links to webpages scroll)

We have a few different variations of slideshows we can display.

Lightbox Popup (click on image to have it pop-up in the browser)


Image Zoom (similar to lightbox but a magnifying glass appears over the image)


Twitter Update - Integrate your twitter with your website to show recent posts. (Displayed on the right of this page)

Accordion (Allows you to display numerous items in a small area, and click on an item to expand it)

Tabbed Content - Similar to the accordion, just with a different layout. One version of this is on display at the bottom of the page.

Quick Contact Button - Easy way for clients to quickly send you an email. (Currently in use in the upper left of this website)

Customized Locations (Have menus, articles, and elements appear in various places;top, left, right, bottom.)

Map - To show your business address, or something else such as a Courthouse


Mobile Phone Support - A growing percentage of visits will use a mobile phone /Ipad to access your website. We can set it up so they are directed to a version of your site that is simplified and easier to access on mobile devices. Some of our website designs are responsive websites. This is the newest technology of HTML 5 which allows the website design to change depending on the size of the screen. To see this in action, simply resize your browser (or load it from a small device such as phone or ipad).

Disclaimer: * Attorney Daniel Hynes is admitted to practice law in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. If you retain our services, ultimately, you are respsonsible for following the Rules of Professional Conduct in your Jurisdication, particularly as it relates to advertising. Attorney Dan Hynes accepts no resposibility, and disclaims all liability for any contribution he may have to providing you with services related to your lawyer website or law firm. Google+ Dan Hynes

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