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Ethical Marketing.  Exceptional Results.

There are many choices out there when it comes to who should handle your internet marketing and website design.  While our firm has many advantages over others, the areas in which we excel include:

An ethical marketing plan which is tailored to the laws and regulations of your state.

A CEO who is a practicing lawyer that practices what he preaches and is available to speak with you directly.

Competitive prices with demonstrable results to maximize ROI.

The option for a non-competition agreement (We will only handle one firm/practice area per geographical market)

Our Results Guarantee


Ethical Marketing

All of our SEO services are "white hat". This means google will consider them as the proper way to promote a website. Black hat techniques, which we do not employ, include posting a website to a link farm (A website with tons of links to other sites), link exchanges (meaning you will have to link to a website in order to get a link from them) and website cloaking (having google see your webpage in one way, while the user sees something else).

The last thing you want to do with your website or marketing is to run afoul of the rules of professional conduct.  Ultimately, it is your responsibility to approve the articles written for you and comply with any local advertising rules. However, unlike our competitors, we will not use false or misleading advertising to promote your practice.  In some cases, your local rules of professional conduct may not allow the inclusion of lists of results or testimonials on your website. While these can be very effective, and possibly protected under the first amendment, unless you want to challenge the law/rules in your state, I would advise complying with the rules of professional conduct as they apply to you.


An Attorney CEO

You may wonder why it matters or helps if the CEO is a practicing lawyer. Besides understanding advertising limitations due to ethical rules, Attorney Daniel Hynes runs a successful small law firm practice in New Hampshire (Which now generates 80% of new client leads directly from the website). He understands which methods work, and which do not. Numerous clients, and other lawyers, have mentioned how impressed they were with the readability/usefullness of the website. Your ultimate goal is likely to obtain new clients. If potential clients find your website, but do not contact you, that is not going to help you increase your profits. A practicing lawyer understands the needs of potential clients, and can help you get the contacts you need to close the sale.

Customer Service

The most common complaint brought by clients to the Bar Association is in regards to the attorney not returning phone calls, or otherwise not communicating with the client.  As a lawyer, I understand that you are not only providing your experience and knowledge to your clients, but you also owe them professional curtesy and should strive for the highest level of customer service.   Attorneys who use my marketing services are my clients, just as anyone who hires me to help with their case.  Either myself or a member of my team will contact you promptly to address any questions or concerns you have.  It is my goal to have satisfied clients who understand the value they receive from my services.  To achieve the highest customer satisfaction, I give my personal cell phone number out to all clients.



Non-Compete Agreement

Our services offer the option for a non-compete agreement. We will agree not to represent other lawyers in the same location/market area, or practice area. This cost will vary depending on the size of your market, and hany practice areas you do.

Many other marketing firms out there will provide services to anyone who requests them. In certain markets, many of the websites use the same company to do their marketing. This can be very counter-productive. If Company A has 5 clients, they obviously can not all rank #1 for any given search phrase. The higher your competitor ranks, the lower you will have to rank.

Besides affecting just ranking, many of the websites will look the same, or identical. How is a client supposed to value everything you offer if your competitors website is the same? At some point, it will be just like the yellowpages where everyone looks the same, and it is just random luck if a potential client decides to call you. 

Confidentiality Agreement

I understand some lawyers do not want others to know who they use for their marketing. While  our websites will typically have a logo to our website, and can be featured on our website, you are free to opt-out at any time, at no cost.



Our Results Guarantee

We want to build a long term relationship with you. If our services are not increasing your clients, and ultimately profit, it does not make any sense for you to keep working with us. Part of our custom approach for each client is to reach certain goals. Those goals generally include a certain amount of visits to your website each month, or a percentage increase over what you were previously doing. We will usually offer a 90 day money back guarantee. If your results do not reach our expectations, you can either obtain a full refund, or obtain a discount for future services to adjust more appropriately with the results you have obtained. Give us a call to discuss our results guarantee in more detail. 

Proven Results

Our results demonstrate our success in helping lawyers have a better website, get more visitors, and ultimately more clients. Take a look at some of our case samples to get an idea of what we have done. If you are not getting at least 1000 visitors to your website per year, you are missing out on a great opportunity to retain new clients. Please note, many of the best practices are a two way street. Part of an effective marketing campaign, is for you to regularly post a blog entry on your website (which we will set-up for you). It is recommended you post 2-3 articles on your own per week.







Disclaimer: * Attorney Daniel Hynes is admitted to practice law in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. If you retain our services, ultimately, you are respsonsible for following the Rules of Professional Conduct in your Jurisdication, particularly as it relates to advertising. Attorney Dan Hynes accepts no resposibility, and disclaims all liability for any contribution he may have to providing you with services related to your lawyer website or law firm. Google+ Dan Hynes

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