Pay per result -1st page Google rank guaranteed

This is our newest option available to law firms who want 1st page results for important search keywords, but don't want to pay until they receive the results they seek. This program is similar to our pay per lead program. The main differences are you use you own Attorney website, and you pay based upon ranking on Google, and not based upon who contacts you or visits your site.

We will go over with you what keywords you want to rank for. We then give you a quote for each month for how much it will cost once we get you those rankings. We break it down by keyword and how well it ranks with different goals. The benchmarks we set are first page google rank, top 3 google rank, and the #1 position google rank for a certain keyword.

How much is a #1 rank worth to you?

Our program is in its initial testing phase, and we are still working out pricing. It generally depends on your market, keywords, and competition for those keywords. We are presently offering a "name your price" option. That is, you tell us what keywords you want to rank for, then make an offer for how much you would pay for first page, top 3, and #1 results for those keywords. If we accept your price offer, we will get to work immediately.

Different markets take a different amount of time to rank highly on. While some lawyers see first page results in the first month or two, SEO is an ongoing process and may take longer.

We do have an upfront fee to start to work for you, but we apply it toward the future goals. With our results guarantee, we will give you a 100% refund if we do not get you to the first page in the agreed upon time.

Unlike our other programs which are generally month to month, because our work keeps building upon itself, we do have to have a long term contract to work with you. However, if your ranking drops outside of the goals, then you would no longer be paying.

This program is not available in all markets.  Additionally, we do not like to work with websites that have little content, or are not search engine optimized.  Accordingly, we will go over your website with you to decide if we think we can promote it and get you the results you are seeking.  If your website is not good enough, in our discretion, you may want to use one of our other website packages/SEO to get a better site, or just switch over to our Pay Per Lead approach.  We will often work with our clients to make the necessary changes to their website to have it more search engine friendly.

Give us a call to discuss the details of this program and let us help you get to #1 on Google.



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