We offer Complete Internet Marketing services for Attorneys.

Are you an experienced attorney who needs an online web presence and website?

We offer complete website design to demonstrate to visitors that you are the go to lawyer in  the location area of your practice, and/or an expert in your practice area.

You are probably already doing other marketing, however, now you must focus on internet marketing. Internet marketing is the most cost effective way of generating new clients. I run a successful law practice, and in just a few short years my practice has a great online presence and brings in on average 5-10 phone calls from potential new clients each week. 80% of my new clients come from my website. My marketing budget could very well be less than what you are already spending each year. Give us a call to see which of our packages are right for you.


Professional Design

We have developed many websites with a different design, but all with a professional look. You may want a fairly simple/clean looking website, or you may want something more flashy. Most people choose something in the middle. Take a look at our previous examples to get an idea of what your site could look like.

Once you get the visitor to your site, your ultimate goal is for them to call you. Some of the things we offer to help with this include a quick contact form, live chat (outsourced through another company, so you do not actually have to have a lawyer sitting at your computer), 24 hour phone call support (again outsourced so that you do not have to use your own employees), videos, showing testimonials & results (within the guidelines of your ethical rules), and extensive knowledge of your practice area, demonstrated through well written articles.


One of the best ways to distinguish your website from other websites is through videos. Until a couple of years ago hardly any lawyers had videos on their website. That number is increasing rapidly. If you don't have videos you are at a disadvantage. Professional videos that answer questions and let the client know why they should contact you will greatly increase the odds the visitor takes the next step and contacts you.


Stop wasting money on the yellow pages

If you are using ads in the yellow pages, you could be spending (wasting) $10,000 or more per year. I DO NOT HAVE A SINGLE AD IN THE YELLOW PAGES. Advertising in the yellow pages is a complete waste of money. Open your yellow pages and see how many lawyer ads there are. They all look pretty much the same. You are just leaving it up to pure chance to see if a potential client decides to give you a call. Your webpage is going to distinguish you among the other lawyers. Stop leaving it up to chance. If you have a professional website, and a call to action, you are much more likely to actually get clients to call you.



Are you just starting your own law practice or a newly admitted lawyer?

We specialize in working with solo practitioners and small law firms. Solos and small firms can have an advantage over large firms in regard to internet marketing. First, you get to set your budget, goals, and have the final say on how things get implemented. You don't have to deal with the red tape and hindrances of partners or management.

I expect as a solo or small firm, you are incredibly concerned about the bottom line and your return on investment. One of the many things that set us apart from other law firm marketing agencies is the guarantee we offer.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee your website will generate traffic and appear on the first page of google for your optimized search terms within 90 days. If it doesn't we will completely refund your money. We want to develop long term relationships with our clients. Our goal is to show you how many more clients your website is bringing you, so that you can see the value in our services.

Track your results

By setting up google-analytics for your website, you can see how many visitors your website is getting each month. Further details show you where the visitor's location is, and what keyword they used to find your website.



Do you have an existing website and need more traffic and higher ranking?

Our complete search engine optimization (SEO) services can give your website the boost it needs to dominate google for your relevant keywords.

Optimize your existing pages

The first step is often to optimize your on-page website to have important keywords and let google know what your site is about. Once the different pages are optimized, it is important to add articles/pages to help google consider you the authority in that particularly area.

Once you have a great page up and running, off-site SEO will help your ranking increase even further.

Off-site SEO services

Off-site refers to things you do on other people's website to promote your website.


Link Building

Our link building package is designed to get you more links from other websites. The more links you have, the more google will value your site. We offer niche links, meaning the links will come from other sites that are related to lawyers, or your practice area. This is in contrast to other attorney internet marketing companies who will just do directory listings, which are less valuable.

Articles & Press Releases

Besides just having links on other websites, it is important to publish articles and press releases that talk more in depth about your services. If the webpage that has a link to your website is directly related to your keywords, google will give that more weight. This is among the best ways to increase you google ranking.


We Guarantee your ranking will increase & you will get more visitors

We offer a guarantee that our SEO services will increase the visitors to your website. If after 90 days you have not received the increase expected, we will fully refund the cost of your services. Give us a call to discuss the details.

Disclaimer: * Attorney Daniel Hynes is admitted to practice law in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. If you retain our services, ultimately, you are respsonsible for following the Rules of Professional Conduct in your Jurisdication, particularly as it relates to advertising. Attorney Dan Hynes accepts no resposibility, and disclaims all liability for any contribution he may have to providing you with services related to your lawyer website or law firm. Google+ Dan Hynes

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