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Do you want your website to rank #1?

We are the #1 ranking website for "lawyer link building" on Google as of September 1, 2012 (out of 7 million results)

Link building is the process of getting other websites to post a link to your website. Generally, Google, and other major search engines, will consider a link to your website as a vote, that your website is important or useful. Generally, the more links you have to your site, the higher your ranking will be. However, not all links are given equal weight by Google, so it is important to find links which will help your website rank as high as possible.

While you could post links to your website from local stories/ blogs related to your practice, this would be incredibly time consuming. With our link building packages, we will do the work for you and get other websites to give links to different pages of your website.


High Quality Links

As stated above, not all links are created equal. One link from the New York Times can be better than 100 links from sites that do not carry much authority or weight. Many webmasters, and people who do SEO, think the page rank (PR) of the site you are ranking from is incredibly important. I generally agree with this statement, however, some sites do whatever it takes to get a page-rank of more than 0, solely to let other sites use them to rank. I do not think google ultimately gives as much weight to these sites.


Niche Links

The website you are linking from must be an authoritative source whose content mirrors that on your own site. Google will consider whether the website is similar in content to your website in making its ranking decisions. These are called niche or themed links. For example, a link from the American Bar Association would likely have more weight than a link from a website selling pet supplies, even if both websites are of high value. It is important to gather links from other websites in your industry or practice area. Niche links are usually the most sought after backlinks. Because it is more time consuming to identify similar niche sites, these links generally cost more when you are shopping for a business to do your SEO.


Local Links

Google also takes into account the location of the site you are getting a link from. For example, if your web practice is in Florida and you get a link from another site dealing with Florida, this will be given more weight than an identical site dealing with issues related to Texas.


Non-Reciprocal Links

There are two categories of links. Reciprocal, and non-reciprocal (one-way).  If you link to another website and they in turn link to you, this is referred to as a reciprocal link (or link exchange).  Back in the day, Google did not distinguish these links.  Accordingly, many businesses and websites would agree to link to someone if they linked back.  For the past few years, these links are given little to no weight. I personally think they still help a bit, as Google may likely crawl (visit) your website more regularly from these links.

One way links occur when a website links to your site, but you do not have an outgoing link to their website.  These links are much more valuable than the reciprocal links. All of the links in our link building packages are one way links. You will not need ads or links on your website linking back to any of the webpages you get a link from.


Bad Links

Some links are bad links and can hurt your ranking. There are websites that just link to thousands or millions of other websites. These are referred to as link farms. Years ago they used to be popular and work, which is why they exist. For the past several years, however, Google has negatively viewed links that come from these spam sites. All of our SEO/ Link building methods are white-hat. We do not link to link farms, or do automatic submissions, which could also get your website considered as spam.



Besides just having a link from another website, Google will take into account the text surrounding the link. Articles are among the best ways to get your website a high ranking. Our team will write an article about your website and use the important keywords in the article. This helps google understand what your law firm and website is about.

Besides off-page articles, it is important your website has quality articles and recent blog posting. We can also manage this for you.


Press Releases

Press releases are articles submitted to new organizations, such as the Associated Press. We offer separate packages to do premium press releases. If you won a high profile case, or a large settlement, this is a great opportunity to issue a press release.

The Legal Marketing Guru previously did a press release when he released his book. Within a week, the largest newspaper in the state contacted him for an interview, and the article appeared on the front page of the newspaper.  This is clear evidence of the importance of producing press releases that tout your accomplishments and not only get your name out there but also help .


Give us a call to discuss a package that works best for you. We have monthly plans, and offer a discount on a yearly plan.

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