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What is a niche practice area or niche website?

A niche practice area or website is created when you emphasize a particular practice area. Instead of a general law practice, or website with basic biographic information about you or your firm, you may want to focus on just one or two specific practice areas.  If you only do criminal defense, maybe you want to emphasize your practice area that does drunk driving defense DWI/DUI..  You can be even more specific and instead of personal injury do just medical practice.

How a niche website will help you get more traffic and better clients

There are a few different reasons to have a website devoted to one practice area. First, with so many choices out there, clients today often prefer a lawyer who "specializes" or focuses in one practice area. By having a well designed website with lots of information and answers related to your client's issue, you will be more likely to demonstrate are the best choice to help them with their problem.

The second main reason to have a website concentrating on one practice area is that it is easier to rank the website higher in search engines such as google. Part of this reason is there is less competition. It is easier to rank for a long-tail keyword such as Hartford Connecticut bankruptcy lawyer than it is for just bankruptcy lawyer. However, you don't want to rank for just one word or phrase. A well optimized site will rank for all of the related terms of bankruptcy; such as chapter 7 bankruptcy, bankruptcy attorney, cost of bankruptcy, etc.

Besides having less competition, Google is now smart with its search engine algorithms. If your site is focused on one area, such as personal injury, Google will recognize this based upon the keywords on your website. It will consider your site more authoritative and relevant if it is just one practice area. This will likely lead to higher search results, and ultimately more visits to your website.

Numerous websites

If you practice law in multiple areas, you may want to have more than one website. One website can be your general one, while a more focused website is dedicated to a practice area or two. 

A focus on local searches

If you are a general practice law firm, you may want to focus on a certain geographic location to help drive traffic to your website.

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